A few words about this Project

We are experts in the field of digital and social media. Since years we are wondering why it is not possible to measure the social media success in a hard currency. So we started the project “Social Media Value Calculator”.

We would like to find a formula which is approved in the field of social media managers. But that is only possible with the help of the community.

For our first version, we collected survey data and benchmark data from paid marketing campaigns. But a few things are based on estimations only. Now we want to start a discussion with other professionals so we would love to hear your feedback and your ideas to optimize our formula.

Furthermore, you can provide this project with your insights. Please send us the results of your paid campaigns and your engagement rates – of course, anonymized.

Please Note: This project just has started. In the first calculator version, we provide only a calculation for owned media postings. An earned and paid social media value will follow later as well as a possibility to connect your account to get your results automatically.

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Sources of our Calculation Model

Our data model is based on theoretical assumptions, estimations, benchmark data from marketing campaigns and from the following sources: